Sales Representative
                                      1. Find customers: find new customers through various channels and track the new needs of old customers.
                                      2. Set goals: Our work focuses on the focus and allocated working time. Major customers and customers to be developed.
                                      3. Dissemination of information: disseminate information about the company products.
                                      4. Promote products: Proactively contact customers and display products for the purpose of obtaining orders.
                                      5. Provide services: product after-sales service, and customer service.
                                      6. Collect information: Collect market information and conduct market surveys.

                                      Sales Manager
                                      1. Formulate the regional market development plan, market target policy and channel development strategy for the company products, supervise the implementation and ensure the effective implementation of the work;
                                      2. Grasp the development direction of the industry, complete the company market positioning in the industry, and formulate brand building management strategies;
                                      3. Responsible for the implementation and establishment of the company product brand promotion and operation; establish the company industry image;
                                      4. Responsible for market research and analysis, and grasp the latest trends in the industry and competitors;
                                      5. To complete the sales tasks delivered by the company based on the market sales target;
                                      6. Responsible for maintaining a good cooperative relationship between the government and end users;
                                      7. Screen and develop high-quality strategic partners to jointly realize rapid market and channel layout;
                                      8. Complete other tasks delivered by the company (participate in bidding and prepare tenders);
                                      9. Our company is currently working on industrial robots, and those with experience in mechanical heavy industry are preferred.

                                      After Sale
                                      1. Obey the arrangement, and can accept the maintenance and after-sales service of the equipment on frequent business trips.
                                      2. Familiar with the assembly and debugging process of non-standard automation equipment.
                                      3. Familiar with the wiring, installation and debugging of the electrical system of non-standard automation equipment.
                                      4. Use and maintenance of on-site tools and instruments.
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