At present, domestic deicing on the surface of wind tower blades still uses spider-man or hanging basket methods. With the dual goal of my country "carbon neutrality" and the total installed capacity of wind turbines exceeding 1.2 billion kilowatts, wind power will usher in a golden period of development. Traditional deicing methods have severely restricted the development of the industry. In recent years, some foreign companies have used drones for deicing, but the drones have a short stay in the air, are susceptible to cross winds in the wind field, have poor stability, and have high requirements for workers operating skills, which also restricts their large scale in this industry. Scope application.

                                      AKA Robotics combined wall-climbing robot technology to develop a wall dragon Wp-01 multifunctional load platform, which has the characteristics of small dead weight, large load, strong wind resistance, and stable crawling. On this basis, the spray gun is equipped to accurately spray the cleaning agent on the fan blades, and the deicing effect is obvious.

                                      At present, AKA Robotics has carried out wind tower blade deicing in many wind farms in Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, and has been recognized by customers.
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